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Who are we?

We are a group of professionals with deep skills in leadership development, process management and information technology. We offer regularly scheduled training programs in many human potential development areas. We also offer consulting services. Contact us to find out more.

We are a group of professionals from a diverse background with a passion to support each other and to contribute to the creation of a global village (a New Earth) that celebrates personal achievements and honors the communal bond of our fellow citizens.  Our credos are:

1. Openness and transparency with sensitivity and respectfulness to cultural norm

2.  Personal and organizational integrity -- walk the talk

3.  Business sustainability

4.  Clients' needs come first:  Seek first to understand

5. We leverage the power of networking, collaboration and crowd-source to deliver value to our clients and stakeholders

We have deep skills in leadership development, business process analysis and information technology deployment to help you transform from good to great.

Contact us to schedule a MWG BEST introduction session.

Al Lun

Al Lun, Middle Way Group founder, has worked in the computer industry for over 3 decades, mostly at IBM. He has worked in WebSphere, Tivoli, AS/400 and Storage Systems in various capacities--architecture, project management, software/hardware development and people management. In August 2008, he retired from IBM's Tivoli division where he was a product manager for IBM Tivoli Composite Applications Manager (ITCAM).

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Our Collaborators

We have a growing network of collaborators with aligned values and vision to provide the BEST ROI for our clients.

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