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Custom IT Solutions

Custom combines MWG's Business Consulting service with Cloud technology implementation to offer the best available solution for the client.

It goes beyond a customer-facing web presence to build out a total business solution that enables the client's business to be more streamlined, more connected, more efficient, one that integrates both front and back-office operations into a successful, agile and best-practice enterprise.

Reference Account

Diversity Council Collaboration Center to enable Diversity Council to play the coordination role for area non-profit organizations.

List Price

  • Billable hour: $50.00 per hour
  • Front-end exploration sessions (up to 2 hour) free of charge
  • Discounts available for qualified non-profits


Engagement Process

Sample of Customs Applications


Project Phase Organization Project Name Project Type

Available the Y Y Mentor Portal [u'[Collaboration]', u'[Data Entrty]']

Available Zumbro River Cafe Web Site [Collaboration]

Available Rochester IFYC IFYC Web Site

Available Mayo Clinic and Rochester Public LIbrary Race Exhibit Volunteer Application [u'[Collaboration]', u'[Data Entrty]']

Available Kiwanis Rochester Club Web Site [Collaboration]

Available Diversity Council What works stories

Available Diversity Council Community Inclusion Campaign
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