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MWG Content Management System (Cloud Computing)

Dynamic Web Presence Solutions

How efficient is your team collaborating? Are you managing your institutional knowledge properly? Are you still relying on email and separately stored documents to underpin how your company works?

Are you doing business on the web?

We offer three Middle Way Group (MWG) web solutions to establish your web presence:

Offering Features Sample Design

Provides an entry level and affordable solution for businesses to have web presence.

Features include: 

A choice from many attractive web designs, ease of use navigation, folders, emails, google statistics and above all easy administration

Interactive Room
Premium Offers state of the art web design templates that Middle Way Group acquires from our community design partners which we will implement at cost to our clients.

Real Estate
Custom Content management systems that have work flow, such as electronic sales, supply chain management, payment management, virtual team collaboration, customer relationship management.  



Value Proposition

We offer the Middle Way Group (MWG) Content Management System (CMS), based on the open-source Plone technology, for which we offer customization and integration services to make your remote teams work more productively and efficiently as they deliver value to their clients.

In the fast-paced flat world of the 21st Century, remote collaboration is a basic way for teams to function and to execute on projects. How effective and productive a virtual team collaborates is a key driver to the success of your products and services in the marketplace. Unfortunately, many teams are still not taking advantage of Web 2.0 technologies to make virtual collaboration seamless, and they struggle with communication friction which often leads to misunderstanding, miscommunication and team morale deterioration.

Regardless of size, virtual teaming faces the challenge of timely communication, and information capture and retrieval that keep everyone informed of the scope, process and status of the project they work on. Too often, email with large attachments is the de facto way to keep members informed. 

MWG makes buy/sell/collaborate on the web easy and affordable.

Teams spend too much time sending, receiving and finding information that should ideally be available at their finger tips. This is the concept of the right kind of information available to you at the time you need it. And software technologies can help but they are often deemed too expensive, or too hard to use, or too unreliable. So, businesses continue to be frustrated and operate in sub-optimal way as a result of managing their institutional assets haphazardly.

Our open-source plone based Middle Way Group (MWG) content management system is flexible, reliable and can be customized to support how your teams work and it is affordable. This is right on for small businesses that have global needs.   ommunication, and information capture and retrieval that keep everyone informed of the scope, process and status of the project they work on. Too often, email with large attachments is the de facto way to keep members informed.

Functions and features

  • Group calendaring
  • Discussion forums
  • Content search
  • Dynamic web pages generation that lets subject matter expert directly publish web pages and eliminate the delay.
  • Workflow to enable team review of documents
  • Security

Business Scenarios

Do you find yourself struggling to keep pace with information overload and workload demand? Working harder does not help. You may have pain points that resemeber one of these case studies. If you do, it's time to work smarter. Let us help you implement MWG to help you use the web to get ahead of the game and be in control of your business as it grows and as it reaches more customers.

MWG Client List

Our client list is growing. Here is a list

Zumbro River Cafe


Plone References

Organizations that use Plone based CMS

NGO - OXfam

Testimonial on OXfam history of using CMS.

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