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Diversity Council

Rochester Diversity Council

Developing tolerance, understanding and compassion for other people begin with accepting and appreciating the uniqueness of each of us. Though humans have a wired-in tendency to label, pre-judge and form opinion of others based on outward appearances, we can learn to get past our prejudices and biases and see the humanity and the common core of our fellow human beings. Respect

In the flat world, tolerance and acceptance is the enlightened way.

MWG is contributing to DC in the following ways:

  • Taking part in Rochester Diversity Council's Spark program to facilitate conversations and discussions on diversity in Rochester's K-12 schools.
  • Current Events

  • Taking part in VOICES to facilitate community, business group discussions on diversity topics like religious expressions, racial and social-economic privileges, perceived ability and immigration
  • Prototyping a virtual teamroom for DC board members, staff and "owners"  to improve communication, collaboration and manage intellectual assets.
  • Serving on the Diversity Council board
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