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BEAM Explained

Learn, teach and do (open BEAM)

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Steering Committee and Well-wishers
  4. Build and nurture human resources with a passion to learn about technologies
  5. Enable the team
  6. Activate and deploy the team
  7. Model respect, openness and sharing
  8. open BEAM Business Process
    1. Steering Committee Meetings
  9. Strategic Plan
  10. Operational Model
    1. Foundational Technology Track
    2. Service Project Track



Rochester ... a community fully engaged in creating a smarter planet where all its members have equitable access to information technology (IT) to attain wellness, prosperity and sustainability.


Through education, collaboration and IT service projects, we build, enable, activate and model (BEAM) a network of IT skills to help the community.

Steering Committee and Well-wishers

Build and nurture human resources with a passion to learn about technologies

Expand Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) capacities.

  • Utilizing BEAM Education Curriculum and other learning tools to gain awareness, knowledge and skills on the use of technologies such as:
    • Web programming languages such as PHP
    • Knowledge and content management systems
      • Plone and products that run on Plone such as Plomino
    • Open source vendor cloud platforms, eg. google application engineIBM's smarter planet initiative
    • Social media such as face book
    • Google docs and services integration with Plone or other CMS technologies
    • Smart app's are based on wiring up cloud-based services and do not have to be monolithic, heavy-weight solutions
    • Multimedia content production (YouTube, podcasts)
    • IT Help desk

Enable the team

Enable is about giving the nascent team the tools, access, the right amount of start-up knowledge to get up to speed.Youth icon

  • Grant access to cloud platform, teamroom to enable immersion and quick time to fun and play
  • Access to computing platform (local server as well as cloud)

Activate and deploy the team

Activate is about connecting resources to engage in solving real social or commercial problems. It goes beyond the theoretical and the feel-good realm to get into putting the resources to work for real projects. It's the belief that you are what you do and not what you talk about.

  • Project pipeline
  • Flexible cost structure including
    • Sweat equity
    • Project fit to community considerations
    • Future impacts

Model respect, openness and sharing

Model openness and service and the habits of win-win and synergies. Adopt the wikipedia/open source community model of openness, service, contribution to a larger good with a conviction that the more we share the more we get back in sustainability, wellness and prosperity. Prosperity can be measured either in financial return or self-actualization of contributor's passion.

It's demonstrating and putting effective habits to work. It's living the "leadership" life that LPG talks about.

Don't wait for superman to appear from somewhere else.

We are it! We Think big, act small, move fast.


open BEAM Business Process

Steering Committee Meetings

  • 4th Saturday (9:30 AM to 11:AM) web conference call
    • Meeting Agenda
    • Meeting Minutes
    • Work Items

Strategic Plan

  • Vision/mission
  • Ends (goals)
  • Who are we impacting?
    • What are their needs?
    • How do we measure progress?
    • What is the priority? And at what costs?
  • Road-map

Operational Model


Foundational Technology Track


Service Project Track

  • Track projects that require BEAM support
    • What are the requirements?
    • What are the skills?
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